Papa’s Wingeria

To score big in Papa’s Wingeria, you will have to satisfy the huge groups of customers arriving at the fast food center every day by serving them with delicious wings cooked exactly in the way they want them to be.

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You will have to prepare, assemble and serve the food as perfectly as possible to score impressively in this game. Happy customers will give you tips, which you will be able to use to buy more upgrades and decorations for the restaurant.

Stations You Will Be Working at

You will have to work at four different stations to prepare the orders, order station, fry station, sauce station, and build station. When at the order station, your job would obviously be taking down orders from customers. Whenever you will take down an order, an order ticket will be generated.

Next, you will be working at the frying station. Here, you will be frying the wings. However, before that you will need to decide how many wings you will be preparing. Take that many wings and immerse them in boiling fat. Wait for the cooking indicator to reach the white line; this would indicate that your wings are ready.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Wingeria <<


You will now be directed to the sauce station. Here, you will have to add sauce to the wings and shake them so that they get coated with the sauce. Your customer will tell you how much sauce they want and how long you should shake the wings. You will have to work according to their specifications.

Finally, you will be taken to the build station. Here, you will need to assemble orders following specifications mentioned on the tickets. The job is absolutely simple, but you might find it a little difficult if there are too many customers at the restaurant.


Some Tips

When playing Papa’s Wingeria, it would be wise to prepare wings in advance. Keep on frying the wings. It would allow you to be a step ahead when new customers arrive at the restaurant. The extra wings can always be discarded and you will not be penalized for that.

To get a good score in this game, you will have to practice multitasking. You will need to take multiple orders together and work on them simultaneously.

Use the cash earned in the game for buying boosters such as doorbell and alarms. This would allow the restaurant to thrive more.

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