Papa’s Tacomia

Hello and welcome to the world of tacos. Papa’s Tacomia is the virtual equivalent of Taco Bell. Here you can make fillings for tacos, load them with different kinds of toppings and sauces, and sell them to your customers. If you have a thing for Mexican food, then you will definitely love this amazing food game.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Tacomia <<


You can choose from to avatars, Mitch and Maggie. Let’s say we chose Maggie and she takes part in a taco eating competition. She wins Papa’s Tacomia after beating all other contestants and eating maximum tacos. Now, Maggie is going to run the taco shop and you have to help her out.

How to play this game:

  • Click on the Take Order bubble above the customer’s head and it will get noted down on the ticket.
  • Go to the grill station and place a pan of beef on the gas.
  • The pan has a timer attached to it and when it reaches halfway, you will see a message saying “Flip” on the beef.
  • Click on the flipping spoon and drag it till the pan, and it will stir the beef

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Tacomia <<


  • Once the timer has completed a semi-circle, your beef is ready to be taken off the pan
  • Just drag and drop it over the taco.
  • Next click on Build Station and start filling your tacos.
  • Click on the filling spoons and drag them up to the taco. Move your cursor from left to right and vice versa so that the filling falls horizontally over the beef filling
  • Once you are done, click on Finish and drag and drop your ticket on the designated place on the tray
  • Serve the taco to your customers and get amazing ratings

This is quite an easy and interesting game as you get to layer your tacos with different fillings like sour cream, hot sauce, kidney beans, shredded green peppers, diced onions and tomatoes, French fries, and guacamole. As you collect more points and move ahead, you will be rewarded with additional filling items like chicken and white rice.

Remember that when you progress ahead you will have multiple customers coming to your shop. The trick to serving them early and as fast as possible is to keep two beef pans and two chicken pans on the gas. Keep taking orders and also check the grill section so that the meat doesn’t get burned. This way you will be able to serve your customers faster and earn more tips.

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