Papa’s Pancakeria

If you have always failed at making fluffy and perfectly cooked pancakes, then now’s your chance to try your hands in making some digital pancakes. Papa’s Pancakeria is a game about a cafe that only sells pancakes. At the start of the game, you can choose between two avatars, namely Cooper and Prudence.

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Cooper is a guy and Prudence is a girl. Let’s assume we have chosen Prudence for this particular game. She’s out on a drive with her dog pickle when she notices Papa’s pizzeria and hops out of her car to grab a pizza.

When she returns, she finds her dog missing and she puts up posters all across the town. That’s when she gets a call from Papa saying her dog is at Papa’s Pancakeria and he would like her to take care of the Pancakeria till he’s back.

Prudence starts by serving her customers. Here’s how you can help her do the same by playing the game:

  • Click on Take Order and Prudence will note it down on the ticket
  • Next, click on the Grill Station
  • Drag and drop the ladle of pancake batter over the gas. Repeat for multiple orders
  • Wait for the left timer to turn half orange and then click on the pancakes so that they flip.
  • When the left and the right timer turn completely orange and green respectively, drag and drop the pancakes on the white plate at the bottom right corner of the screen

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Pancakeria <<


  • Next, click on the Build Station tab and start arranging your orders.
  • Drag and drop an order ticket on the top right corner of the screen
  • Arrange the pancakes and start decorating with toppings
  • When you are pouring blueberry syrup or maple syrup, click above the pancakes (look at the target symbol and determine where you want the syrup to fall) and move your fingers in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. This way, the sauce will cover the entire surface of the pancakes and not just the center.
  • Once you have added all the toppings and the order is ready to be served, drag it to the finish tray and place your ticket on the designated place in the tray
  • Your customer will taste the food and rate you based on your order taking, grilling, and building skills.

This is a fun game as you get to make different kinds of pancakes. As you earn more points and move up the ladder, you will collect more toppings like whipped cream, blueberries, strawberries etc and also get to make French toast, waffles, etc. So, just keep playing and use your tips to upgrade the Pancakeria or to buy various posters from the furniture store.

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