Papa’s Hot Doggeria

 In Papa’s Hot Doggeria, you have a big job in hand as you are the only employee of the popular fast food shop. You will have to do everything from taking orders to grilling hotdogs to adding toppings requested by customers to adding side orders. As a player, your goal would be receiving an impressive score and earning tips from your customers.

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Stations You Will Have to Work at :

The Order Station: You will need to be at this station to receive orders from customers. You can take all the orders together or can take them individually; it’s entirely up to you. The moment you will click on the “Take Order” button for a particular customer that person’s order will be written down on a ticket. You will get to see the ticket until you complete the order.

The Grill Station: From the Order Station, you will have to move to the Grill Station. When at this station, you will have to grill the hotdog according to the customer’s request. To put it more bluntly, the timer should be set in a way so that the hotdog is grilled only as much as the customer wants. Never forget to grill both sides of your hotdog. Ideally, you should flip the hotdog whenever the timer completes 50% of the total time set.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Hot Doggeria <<


On the bottom of your game screen, you will see buns lined up. Once the hotdog is ready, click on it and drag it into one of those buns.

The Build Station: After completing your tasks at the Grill Station, you will be automatically directed to the Build Station. In this step, your job would be adding the toppings mentioned on the ticket. Make sure the toppings are evenly spread across the grilled hot dog. Click “Next”, once you finish putting the toppings in the right order.

The Pop Station: You will be directed to the Pop Station so that you can get the side orders ready. The side orders may include a glass of drink, a tub of popcorn etc. You will have to get the side orders ready in the right size, large (L), medium (M), or small (S). Finally, drag all the sides to the tray.

Serve the hotdog to the customer along with the sides and wait for him to rate your work at each of the four stations. The maximum points you can score in this game is 100. A good score will allow you to earn useful “tips”.

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