Papa’s Freezeria



The game Papa’s Freezeria opens with you i.e. the player engaged in a simple job of selling ice cream in the island of calypso. However, as the game progresses the job turns out to be quite hectic. The more efficiently you will manage the rush, the higher would be your score.

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Loyal customers of Papa Louie start arriving at the island and you will have to work incessantly to make their trip to the island a happy one. You will have to serve them with made-to-order sundaes prepared using ice cream, syrup, a mixable item and toppings.

Playing the Game

Each order would begin with ice cream, the primary ingredient of sundaes. Your job would be choosing the perfect cup size and then filling it with the required amount of ice cream. You would need to use an Ice Cream Machine to complete this task.

The other two ingredients you will need to add are a mixable item and syrup. Just after pouring the ice cream into the cup, you will see a Mixable Machine dropping down. Use that machine to add the mixable item requested by the customer. Keep an eye on the meter to ensure that you are adding the mixable in right quantity. Once this step is complete, a Syrup Machine will arrive. The method of using this machine is same as that of the Mixable Machine.

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Freezeria <<


As you progress, more ice cream cup sizes, syrups and mixables will be unlocked, and customers will begin placing orders for those newly unlocked items. Whenever you commit a mistake, click on the “Trash” button and start all over again.

After adding all the required ingredients, you will have to move to the Mix Station. Place the cup into the blender to blend the ingredients. The blending should be done according to the customer’s request. While some will want their sundaes to be blend more, there will be customers who prefer minimum blending.

Your next stop would be the Topping Station. To make Papa Louie’s customers happy, make sure you add toppings in the correct order. You will get a good score only if you manage to add the toppings evenly all over the sundae.


The Closer Customer

You will have to face an additional challenge from a “Closer” customer. There are seven different closer customers for the seven days of a week. These customers are extremely picky. As a result, preparing a sundae for them is much more difficult. The standards set for this step are also much higher.

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