Papa’s Cupcakeria



Players must have certain qualities to get good scores in Papa’s Cupcakeria. They must be confident and talented enough to take quick decisions even when under tremendous pressure, and must possess amazing multitasking abilities, and incredible time-keeping skills.

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If you want to score high in this game, will have to take orders, choose icing, bake cupcakes, decorate cupcakes, and finally serve them to customers as immaculately as possible. While doing so, you will not only learn making some of the tastiest cupcakes one can ever make, but will also develop money management and organizational skills.

Below, we have discussed about the process of making cupcakes in papa’s Cupcakeria. Like all other Papa’s cooking games, this game is also divided into a number of stations. Each station is meant for completing different jobs. Read on to know more.

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The Order Station: Here, your job would be taking order from customers. You can take orders one by one, or take them together and then begin baking; the decision is yours. To process a customer’s order, you will have to click on the “Take Order” button adjacent to that person. This will generate an order ticket; it’s actually the blueprint you will need to follow when getting the order ready.

The Batter Station: In this step, you will be asked to pick any one of the four available cupcake trays (as requested by the customer) and take it to the area dedicated for working with the cake mix. Fill the tray with the cake mix using the mix squeezing gun and move to the next station. Make sure that the cupcake molds are not more than 50% full; this is important because you will have to leave enough space for the batter to rise when baked.

The Bake Station: In this station, you will have to bake the cupcakes by placing the tray into the oven. When the cakes are baking, you will find an orange bar beside them. Wait for it to reach the white line; this would mean that your cupcakes have been perfectly baked.

The Build Station: Drag the cupcakes to this station to add toppings on them. Different customers may request different toppings and in different orders. The choice and order of toppings should always be exactly as requested by the customer. You will lose points if you fail to do so.


Once you complete spreading the toppings evenly across the cupcakes, serve them to the customers and wait for them to give you points.

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