Papa’s Cheerseria

Papa’s Cheeseria will probably give you hunger pangs no matter what time of the day you play the game. You can choose an avatar from the existing ones or create your own custom avatar. Let’s assume you chose Scarlett.

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Now, Scarlett drives up to Toastwood town with various musical instruments for a musical night at Papa’s Cheeseria. She goes inside to greet Papa, but when she comes out her instruments her missing. Papa offers her a job at the Cheeseria, so that she can buy back her musical instruments. You have to help Scarlett by making perfect cheese sandwiches and serving them to her customers on time.

  • Click on the Take Order bubble over the customer’s head and it will get noted down on a ticket
  • Click on the build section and choose a bread depending on what the customer has ordered. You can choose from white, brown, multi-grain, ciabatta, and whole wheat bread.
  • There will also be an assortment of different cheese. Drag and drop two slices of cheese (depending on what the customer has ordered) on each bread slice.
  • Next, drag and drop fillings like turkey, bacon, tomatoes, on the bread. Drag and drop the other bread slice over the toppings.
  • The sandwich will be moved to the Grill Section. Drag and drop the sandwich over the gas
  • Let it grill till the timer turns orange both ways. Once it’s cooked, drag and dropped on the cutting tray at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Next click on Fry section. All sandwiches come with a helping of fries.
  • There are two options, normal fries and curly fries. Click on the type specified by the customer
  • When the timer on the basket reaches the white mark, it means the fries are ready to be served.
  • Drag and drop the basket of fries over the plate and if the customers has requested for cheese or Bacobites topping, then sprinkle it evenly over the fries.
  • You can also add ketchup or Ranch dressing depending on what the customer has ordered

>> Click Here To Play Papa’s Cheerseria<<


Isn’t this a fun game where you get to cook a variety of sandwiches with cheese! As you move ahead and earn more tips and points, you will get a variety of toppings like grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, and rosemary focaccia. When you have more customers you can keep the fries for frying and grill the sandwiches simultaneously, This will help you serve customers faster and earn more tips.

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