Papa Louie 4

In Papa Louie 4, chef Papa Louie gets kidnapped. The great thing about this game is that it would show the loyal customers of Papa Louie act as their favorite chef’s savior.

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The story shows that Papa Louie’s customers are disappointed as the chef has failed to keep his promise of serving them with new items. However, the loyal customers of Louie were almost confident that something wrong has happened and the chef might be in danger. Soon, they found that Papa Louie has been kidnapped and his kitchen has been occupied by mutant food monsters.

After creating a chaos in Papa Louie’s restaurant, the monsters went out and started terrorizing people in other parts of the city. Now, it’s up to the customers to save the chef they love so much and stop the monster foods from destroying the entire city.

>> Click Here To Play Papa Louie 4 <<


Papa Louie 4 is the fourth game of the Papa Louie series. Like the previous three games, here also you will have to destroy the mutant foods to score points. The situation is even worse in this game as here, the food monsters are turning all food items they are coming across in Papa’s world into monsters.

As a player, you will have to assist the customers in their quest to save the kidnapped chef; to do that you will need to solve puzzles and fight the food monsters. The higher will be the number of customer in your armory, the greater will be your power.

It’s obvious that Papa Louie will not be a part of the game this time. However, you will surely be fascinated to find a number of fresh additions, which include abilities, weapons, characters, and so on. Each customer will be equipped with a different weapon. Your job would be to use those weapons intelligently.

The food monsters also have different ways of attacking you. For instance, the moment you will go near the pastry monster, it will come rushing towards you and harm you. Stay away from the pastries as even a minor contact with their creams might harm you seriously.

Another perilous mutant you will have to fight in this game is the jelly monster. Avoid this food monster as it can engulf and trap you causing severe harm to your health. However, it has a benefit too. You can use the jelly monster like a spring for jumping high.

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