Papa Louie 1



 Papa Louie 1 is a free online video game featuring Papa Louie as the main protagonist. Louie is a chef and the proprietor of Papa’s pizza shop.

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The story of the game begins with Louie distributing free pizza to all the residents of his buildings. However, soon he found that the delicious pizzas distributed by him are turning into ferocious mutant monsters. When Papa Louie found that the monsters have started trapping people, he decided to fight the mutants and rescue all the captured residents.

To play the game, you will have to use the following controls:

  • To move Papa Louie to left and right, you will have to press the left and right arrow keys respectively.
  • Press the down arrow key to lift pizza boxes
  • For using Louie’s pizza bat, you will have to press the “Z” key
  • Press the space bar to make the chef jump
  • To make Papa Louie glide, you will have to press and hold the space bar
  • If you want Papa Louie to use the pepper bombs on his enemies, press the “X” key

The game will particularly fascinate people who love eating and cooking. That’s because the theme of the Papa Louie series of video games is food. When playing the game, you will come across a wide array of items, the majority of which are found in our kitchens. Here are some of the items you will find.

>> Click Here To Play Papa Louie 1 <<


Pizza bat:

The same pizza bat that Papa Louie uses for making pizza is used by him for smashing the mutant foods.

Chef hat:

The chef hat is a prized possession for Papa Louie. It has a special quality. In times of distress, it helps the chef to glide through and cover long distances.

Pepper bomb:

Pepper is a condiment used to add taste and flavor to different food items. However, in Papa Louie 1, the chef is seen using pepper for a different purpose. Here, pepper plays the role of a grenade that can kill the deadly mutant foods.

Mutant pizzas:

They are absolutely dreadful pizza monsters. They will try to ensnare Papa Louie and the captured residents and temporarily stop their movements by spitting sticky cheese on them. Papa Louie can avoid getting stuck in cheese by deflecting the deadly cheese towards his enemies. A mutant pizza will again become a regular pizza after coming in contact with the deflected sticky cheese.

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